"No one was ever good enough for me, Nik, you made sure of that."
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          Asher leaned down so she could kiss his cheek. The problems with being taller than his mom was that she sometimes had a harder time to kiss his cheek. “Go absolutely mad,” he said with a grin. He loved his mom and he knew she loved him. If her brothers tried anything he’d get in the way and keep her safe. She had done that for him all these years and it was the least that he could do after she took him in and raised him. She didn’t have to but she did and he owed her his life.

          Letting her pull away he took the box, nodding. “Oh god,do we really need these? I’m pretty sure you made sure the most embarrassing ones were on top,” he asked as he headed towards the door. He was glad she compelled him. “Alright good. If things went missing you’d probably eat them.” Walking out to the car he opened the trunk and put down the box, looking at Rebekah. “Mom? Everything is going to be okay.”


     Rebekah rolled her eyes at him complaining about her huge box of pictures but said nothing in reply. Once she had locked the door she followed her son to the car setting the box she had in the trunk as well. Rebekah really had not expected Asher to say anything but sill his words put a smile on her face. Closing the trunk she nodded, “They have to be, you may look older than me now but I will always be your mom. Mom’s have to watch after their children, that will never stop.” With a soft laugh she added, “Even if I get annoying.”

     She took a moment to let her words sink in before moving to get in the car. “I hope you’re ready for a road trip.” She smiled over at him once he’d entered the car.

Rebekah Mikaelson: First & Last Scenes

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